Please print and complete this form to apply for a licence. Either click the Print button at the bottom of the page or use your browser's print command.

Once you have completed the form, post it to Playstage, 140 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SA.
If your application does not conflict with any other application to perform the same play, at the same time, in your group's immediate area, then you will receive an invoice for the licence fee. This must be paid before a licence can be issued. Instructions on methods of payment will be shown on the invoice.



NAME OF SOCIETY _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

CONTACT IN SOCIETY ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________


TELEPHONE NO. __________________________________________________

EMAIL ___________________________________________________________

TITLE OF PLAY _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

AUTHOR ____________________________________________________________________

PERFORMANCE VENUE __________________________________________________________________________________________________

NUMBER OF PERFORMANCES ______________________________________

DATES OF PERFORMANCES ___________________________________________________

I understand that an application to perform a play does not constitute a licence. A licence will be granted upon payment of the necessary fees and upon condition that no other drama group or professional company are performing the play requested in the near vicinity on the same dates as requested by my drama group.

The Copyright Act 1988 dictates that no performance of a copyright play may be given in public, either in its entirety or in the form of excerpts, without the prior permission of the copyright owner. A failure to obtain the necessary permission is a breach of the owner's statutory rights.

I further understand that my drama group must supply Playstage Senior with a copy of the performance programme wherein it must clearly state the correct title of the play, the name of the author and the name of the licensing company, namely Playstage Senior. No alterations, additions or deletions may be made to the text of the play without written permission from the author/Playstage Senior.

Any alteration to the dates or number of performances must be communicated to Playstage Senior at least one week before the original dates specified in this application, and a new licence must be applied for, or a refund negotiated if extenuating circumstances occur. No refunds can be issued for performances cancelled at the last minute due to lack of audience. In the event of a natural disaster beyond my drama group's control such as flooding; power cuts; severe weather etc. an application for refund of performance fees may be considered.


SIGNATURE (For and on behalf of the group named in this application)