Playstage SeniorTired of not being able to cast plays?

Playstage Senior plays have plenty of lead roles for actors aged 40 – 70+

Playstage Senior was formed in the UK in 2008 by playwright Lynn Brittney and friends and now our plays have been performed by English-speaking drama groups all over the world.

Unlike other companies that offer play scripts, Playstage Senior is committed to offering new plays that contain good parts for older actors, because we understand the needs of most amateur dramatic groups! The plays contain some younger parts but the majority of the roles are for actors aged forty and beyond (sometimes way beyond) – and not a Zimmer frame in sight!

We have comedies, dramas, murder mysteries, period costume plays – all in one act and full length formats – and we are adding new plays to our catalogue all the time.

And not only that but we have some of the cheapest licence fees in the business. Performing one of our plays is not going to break the bank, no matter how small your venue.

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Where you can find our plays

New for 2020 – our plays on KINDLE

Most of our full-length plays are now available to purchase and download on to KINDLE via the Amazon websites worldwide. This is particularly useful if you just want to assess the suitability of a play for your group and do not have ready access to a drama library in the UK or are one of our overseas customers. If you look on the Full-Length Plays page on this website it will tell you which plays are available on KINDLE and give you a link to purchase. Space limits us to giving Amazon links for the UK and USA only. The Kindle versions are available worldwide but you will have to look up the play on the Amazon site in your country. At the time of writing we are beginning to convert our one act plays into Kindle format. Please be patient. We will announce when this process is completed.

PlaystageIn the UK and Europe

All of our plays are available in reading sets at local drama libraries in the UK. If they are not, then please let us know and we will endeavour to make sure that the library in question is fully supplied as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can buy a copy from this website. It's cheap, it's quick, and, if you live in most parts of the UK, we don't charge you any postage. If you live in Europe we ask for a small contribution to postage.


PlaystageAustralia, New Zealand and South East Asia

If you live in this part of the world then our agents are:
ORiGiN™ Theatrical
PO Box Q1235, QVB Post Office, Sydney
NSW 1230 Australia
Ph: +61 2 8514 5211 and +61 2 8514 5201.
Fx: +61 2 9299 2920

They can supply you with scripts and licences. Under our agreement with ORiGiN™, we will no longer be supplying scripts and licences to that region from the UK.

PlaystageEverywhere else in the world

You can buy print ready pdfs of Playstage Senior plays, which can be downloaded to your computer, providing you FIRST download, sign and return, as an email attachment, this Copyright Form. Once we have received this form, you can then order in the regular way, on the website, as though you were ordering the printed books. We will then match up your order with the signed Copyright Form and send you the relevant pdf/s as an email attachment. If you are not in a hurry, then just order the books in the regular way.


PlaystageHow to apply for a licence

Click apply for a licence to go to the application form. Fill in our application form online and submit it to us electronically What happens then? Your application will be checked against other applications, to ensure that you are not clashing with a nearby drama group, and if there is no conflict, you will receive an invoice from us requesting payment of the licence fee 30 days before your first performance date. We also give you options for methods of payment.


PlaystageProfessional performances and foreign translation rights

Any company or publisher interested in the above should contact Playstage Senior by using the contact form on this website. All fees and sales of rights are subject to negotiation.



FINALLY – a word to aspiring playwrights

Many people have sent us manuscripts and, sadly, they have demonstrated that they do not understand what sort of play we are looking for neither, in some cases, do they demonstrate any understanding of professional writing or the accepted play format.


  • You don't put your name, address and contact details on the front of the script
  • You don't number the pages
  • You think that 12 pages of dialogue is enough for a one act play
  • You think that a play is written like a film script, in short scenes, with camera instructions … it's not
  • You don't understand that most amateur drama groups can't cope with a play that has a cast of thirty people and twelve scene changes
  • You ignore the fact that we publish new writing for older actors and the cast of your play, apart from one elderly butler, is under the age of 25
  • You think that all plays about older people have to be either set in retirement homes, be about dementia or terminal illness. We don't like depressing our customers.

If you want to write for us – read some of our plays, or any plays, really. A full length play is as difficult to write as a novel. You have to write strong characters, a good plot and devise a hook at the end of Act 1, that will stop people walking out in the interval, and a good ending that will make people applaud not boo.

If you can demonstrate those skills then, by all means, contact us.

Playstage Junior

Playstage Junior logo If you are a drama teacher or a youth group leader and are looking for suitable plays for your students, please visit our sister site, Playstage Junior, which specialises in royalty-free, photo-copiable plays for children, which can be bought and downloaded online.



Playstage Young Adults

Playstage Junior logo If you are looking for downloadable, royalty-free plays and presentations for teenagers PlaystageYA has a wide selection on offer. From comedy plays to dramas and plays that support the curriculum, you are sure to find something that fits the bill.