Playstage Senior was formed in 2008 by playwright Lynn Brittney and friends. Unlike other companies that offer playscripts, Playstage Senior is committed to offering plays that contain good parts for older actors, because we understand the needs of most amateur dramatic groups!

The plays contain some younger parts but the majority of the roles are for actors aged forty and beyond.


It has come to our attention that there is a scam operating on the Internet, which is pretending to offer free pdf ebook downloads of this play in return for the customer registering a credit card. This is more than likely a phishing attempt. The criminals, based in China, call themselves Bake Books or NUIBOOKS. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! There could also be scams operating using the titles of our other plays - we are currently checking. There are no pdf ebooks of any of our plays. If there were, they would be available for sale on this website or through Amazon. We do send pdfs to customers on the other side of the world but only after they have signed copyright agreements and we have made every effort to protect our author's rights. Please, do not get suckered into these scams. Our plays can be read for free at all the drama libraries in the UK or purchased for a modest amount from us, with free postage and packing.

Small rise in our prices

Due to the rise in postal charges and printing costs, we regretfully have to make a small increase in our prices for both books and licences this year. We are adding 50p to the price of all our scripts and £5 to the price of all our licences. We have not altered our prices since Autumn 2009, even though our two major expenses, post and printing have risen markedly during that period. We hope that our customers will be sympathetic.

Where you can find our plays

All of our plays are available in reading sets at local drama libraries in the UK (see library lists). If they are not, then please let us know and we will endeavour to make sure that the library in question is fully supplied as soon as possible.

We can mail scripts anywhere in the world

But, if you live outside of Europe and are in a hurry, you can buy print ready pdfs of Playstage Senior plays, which can be downloaded to your computer, providing you FIRST download, sign and return, as an email attachment, this Copyright Form. Once we have received this form, you can then order in the regular way, on the website, as though you were ordering the printed books. We will then match up your order with the signed Copyright Form and send you the relevant pdf/s as an email attachment. If you are not in a hurry, then just order the books in the regular way.

If you have any queries, please use our contact form first and we will do our best to advise you.

The website and the mailing list

On the website here you can see the full range of plays, One Act and Full Length on offer and the price lists. If you would prefer to receive a catalogue through the post, please send a stamped addressed A5 envelope to ...

PO Box 71274,
SW11 9GY

After that you will be registered on our mailing list and receive free updates to the catalogue.

How to buy our plays

Online (anywhere in the world)

Simply click on the Buy Now button associated with each play. You will then be taken to checkout section and then to PayPal where you will be able to pay securely by credit or debit card or you can use your PayPal account. A PayPal account is not required. UK postage and packing is free. For all other countries see our Terms and Conditions for shipping costs.

By post (UK only)
Simply send us a letter (address here) stating how many books you want and enclose a cheque for the relevant amount, made payable to Playstage. There is no charge for postage and packing so just add up the cost of the play scripts.

How to apply for a licence

Click apply for a licence to go to the application form. There are two options. You can fill in our application form online and submit it to us electronically or, if you live in the UK, you can click on the link provided, which will take you through to a form that you can print and mail to us. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PRINT VERSION IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR DRAMA GROUPS WHO ARE OUTSIDE OF THE UK.

Whichever version you choose, your application will be processed and you will receive an invoice from us requesting payment of the licence fee. If you want to pay online, use the automated licence application form. If you are based in the UK and want to pay by cheque, mail us the printed version of the form.

Professional performances and foreign translation rights

Any company or publisher interested in the above should contact Playstage Senior by using the contact form on this website. All fees and sales of rights are subject to negotiation.

Playstage Senior

Send us your news!

We have created a news page for groups to post their photos and reviews. We are particularly interested in photographs of your sets as this helps other groups to see how the various plays can be set - no matter how small a stage might be! Please see our Contact page for email and postal address details.

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Playstage Junior

Playstage Junior logo If you are a drama teacher or a youth group leader and are looking for suitable plays for your students, please visit our sister site, Playstage Junior, which specialises in royalty-free, photo-copiable plays for children, which can be bought and downloaded online.




We are not in a position, at the moment, to accept scripts from other playwrights. All our plays are written in house. Please do not send unsolicited scripts to us as they will simply be returned. However, we may, at some point in the future, accept outside submissions. Check our website from time to time to see if our policy has changed.